CILICANT Silica Gel Chromatography Grade

CILICANT Silica Gel Chromatography Grade

Keep Impurities in Your Products at Bay

CILICANT Silica Gel Chromatography Grade offers consistent and reliable performance in the separation of your desired compound from its impurities. It is widely used to obtain pure chemical compounds from a mixture of compounds on a scale ranging from micrograms to kilograms.


  • High levels of purity with low moisture content
  • Choice of particle size to optimise efficiency and to achieve desired results
  • Large surface area to optimise the capacity
  • Lot-to-lot consistency to assure reproducible performance
  • Packed in fibre drums and aluminium pouches with air-tight seals for added protection against moisture and chemical vapours

Cilicant Silica Gel Chromatography Grade is available in various sizes:

  • 30-70 Mesh
  • 60-120 Mesh
  • 70-230 Mesh
  • 100-200 Mesh
  • 230-400 Mesh