Retain the Quality of Your Products in Transit.

CILICANT 350 safeguards your precious cargo from the degrading effects of moisture, such as container rain which forms in cargo containers during long transits.

Container rain is the most commonly occurring phenomena which occur due to changes in temperature when the vessels pass through different climatic zones. This leads to dampening the cargo and promoting the growth of moulds and mildew and ultimately leading to cargo loss.


  • Consists of a powerful absorbent gel formula which can absorb more than 350% moisture
  • It holds up the moisture up to 150˚C unlike silica gel which releases moisture after 50˚C
  • Packed in the form of small pockets in strip form for uniform distribution of weight after moisture absorption.
  • Designed to be leak proof to sustain longer transit times
  • The strip comes with a hook and adhesive patches for firm and convenient placement within the container
  • Meets EC Regulation 1907/2006 and 67/548/EEC [DSD] Regulation

Moisture Absorption Capacity Testing Details Of C350
(Testing Condition-Humidity 80% RH and 25±2°C)

Period %Moisture AbsorptionCapacity
After 24 hrs 42.18%
After 48 hrs 108.05%
After 72 hrs 119.29%
After 96 hrs 133.75%
After 120 hrs 154.64%
After 144 hrs 165.88%
After 30 Days 374.74%