CILICANT Silica Gel Desiccant Pouches comprise of active silica gel, which has a strong affinity for moisture and are packed in various active packaging films that provide strong, durable, flexible and rupture/leak-proof pouches.

As the moisture content of silica gel is less than 5%, it provides the most efficient adsorption capacity in comparison to other silica gel available on the market.

Silica Gel Pouches are mainly one of two types:

  • Non-indicative (white), which does not change colour after moisture adsorption
  • Indicative (orange), which does change color after moisture adsorptions
CILICANT Silica Gel Desiccant Pouches range from 1g to 1.5kg.
CILICANT Silica Gel Pouches are made from various films:
  • Non-Woven
  • Kraft
  • Anti-static Tyvek®*
  • OPP plastic
  • Features

    • Meets MIL-D-3464E Type I, Type II and Type III for packaging usage.
    • REACH and RoHS compliant and also conforms to JEDEC standard for electronics.
    • Contains silica gel beads so has a high crushing strength, making it completely dust free.
    • Contains no foreign particles which make the contents 99.9% pure.
    • Packed in most durable and breathable packaging films for better adsorption of moisture.



    CILICANTFG Desiccant Pouches are especially designed for the pharmaceutical and food industry for primary packaging.

    It adheres to international quality standard and meets the requirement of US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Standards with respect to Type III DMF (Drug Master File).

    Hence, it is completely safe for direct food contact in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requirement of 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulationst).

    CILICANT Desiccant Pouches are available in various fills, namely: Available in two forms:
  • PRE-CUT FORM (0.5g - 500g)*
  • STRIP FORM (0.5g - 5g)*
  • Features

    • Ideal for usages in primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, diagnostic kits and food products.
    • Mil- D-3464E, REACH and RoHS compliant for export markets.
    • Meets EC directives for use with food and pharmaceutical products.
    • Consists of active desiccants so has efficient adsorption property.
    • Made of non-dusting, tear- and abrasion-resistant Tyvek® (FDA approved) packaging which meets the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requirement of 21 CFR.
    • Printed by using medical grade ink which is acceptable for direct food contact in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requirement of 21 CFR.



    Cilcant Oxygen Absorber contains iron powder as an active ingredient and is packed in special fabric, which allows easy permeability of oxygen. It is used in enclosed packaging of products for removing or decreasing the available oxygen in the package, creating a nitrogen environment for long-term food storage.

    Cilicant Oxygen Absorber sachets range from 20cc to 3000cc*
    *Customised packing available on request


    • When used with proper packaging and sealing, the oxygen in the packaging is significantly reduced to 0.01% or less.
    • Increases the shelf life of food products and pharmaceuticals.
    • Prevents the moulds and aerobic microbial growth by limiting the oxygen required for growth.
    • Prevents oxidation of vitamins A, C and E.
    • Prevents oxidation of oils and rancidity.
    • Maintains the food texture.
    • Prevents colour change.
    • Eliminates the need for additives such as BHA, BHT, sulphur dioxide, sorbates, benzoates, etc.
    • Delays non-enzymatic browning of fruits and some vegetables.



    CILICANT NATURAL DESICCANT POUCH comprises of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, highly- efficient desiccant coupled with superior moisture adsorbing packaging to protect your moisture- prone valuable products.

    It contains highly activated clay plus additives which are chemically inert, non-corrosive and non-hazardous.

    CILICANT Natural Desiccant Pouches ranges from 2g to 500g*.
    *Customisation available


    • Has a moisture adsorbing capacity of more than 80% – it is one of the most efficient desiccants.
    • Provides long-term protection due to consistent performance.
    • REACH and RoHS compliant.
    • Meets MIL-D-3464E Type I, Type II and Type III for packaging usage.
    • Made of Tyvek® which is durable and non-tearable, making the packaging leak-proof and spill-proof irrespective of storage and handling conditions. Tyvek® ensures good breathing for the moisture and does not allow the adsorbed water molecules to move outside the pouch.

    CILICANT 270


    CILICANT 270 vows to protect your cargo from the harmful effects of moisture, which persists in the cargo container during long transits.
    Consists of a unique absorbent formula which has the capacity to absorb moisture more than 270%.
    Utmost care is taken to make CILICANT 270 leakage proof in order to sustain longer transit times.

    CILICANT 270 comes in the form of a strip with a hook for convenient placement in the container.



    • CILICANT 270 consists of a unique absorbent formula which has the capacity to absorb moisture more than 270%.
    • This high-absorbing capacity is teamed up with a unique gel formulation, which makes the product convert it into a gel form after absorbing moisture making it highly efficient and leak proof.
    • CILICANT 270 is highly effective in controlling the relative humidity in containers and preventing "Container Rain".
    • The content of CILICANT 270 does not fall under the restricted substance list (RSL) in the EU.

    CILICANT 270

    Period %Moisture AbsorptionCapacity
    After 24 hrs 75.19%
    After 48 hrs 94.26%
    After 72 hrs 114.73%
    After 96 hr 129.46%
    After 1 week 151.07%
    After 2 weeks 169.80%
    After 3 weeks 182.55%
    After 4 weeks 220.14%
    After 5 weeks 251.11%
    After 6 weeks 270.23%



    In chemistry, one of the common uses of silica gel in chromatography is as a stationary phase.

    Chromatography is the collective term for a set of laboratory techniques for the separation of compounds.

    It is used to obtain pure chemical compounds from a mixture of compounds on a scale from micrograms up to kilograms using large industrial columns.

    CILICANT Silica Gel Chromatography Grade offers consistent performance in separation of compounds and impurities.

    CILICANT Silica Gel Chromatography
    Grade is available in various sizes:
  • 30–70 Mesh
  • 60–120 Mesh
  • 70–230 Mesh
  • 100–200 Mesh
  • Features

    • High purity, low moisture content.
    • Selection of particle size to optimise efficiency and to achieve desired results.
    • Large surface area to optimise the capacity.
    • Lot-to-lot consistency to assure reproducible performance.
    • Packed in fibre drums and aluminum pouches. These fibre drums consist of air-tight seals for added protection against moisture and chemical vapours for longer durations.



    Activated alumina is a filter media made by treating aluminum ore so that it becomes porous and highly adsorptive.
    Therefore, it is used as an adsorbent in the production of hydrogen peroxide solution.

    Activated Alumina is insoluble in water and organic solvent, but soluble in strong acids and alkalis odourless, tasteless and non-toxic.

    CILICANT Activated Alumina will remove a variety of contaminants including excessive fluoride, arsenic and selenium.

    Therefore, it is widely used as a catalyst for recovering sulphur in the petrochemical industry, de-fluorination agent for drinking water & for recycling alkyl-hydrocarbon, reclaiming agent for de-acidic in transformer oil, and de-arsenic agent in the acid industry.

    CILICANT Activated Alumina is available in various sizes: namely:
  • 3-5mm
  • 5-8mm
  • Features

    • Less than 0.2% attrition loss.
    • Lower bulk density.
    • High adsorption capacity.
    • High Fluoride uptake capacity