About us

Who Are We?

CILICANT CHEM PRIVATE LIMITED was evangelised in 2011 by Mr. Manish Jain with over two decades of experience in the desiccants’ industry. Over the years, CILICANT has established itself as a leader in the desiccant market, offering some of the most superior quality solutions to protecting highly moisture-sensitive products from the harmful effects of moisture or humidity.

Along with quality, CILICANT is also committed to providing its clients effective customer service, the convenience of quick delivery and reduced transportation-related risks, among others.

Why Us?

Today, CILICANT is a forerunner in the industry, given its expert customer care, well-grounded staff, exceptional management and commitment to providing customised products and comprehensive services to all its clients.

CILICANT is also the first desiccant pouch manufacturer in India holding a Type III Drug Master File with US Food and Drug Administration and have obtained international certifications such as ISO 15378:2011 and ISO 9001:2008.

At CILICANT, every stage of production is controlled to warrant the highest quality and most efficient performance of the product. It has an in-house R&D and testing laboratory at par with international standards, aimed at providing the most effective desiccants to its clients.